Österreichisch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft für Steiermark
Austro-American Society for Styria

As a non-profit organization, the Austro-American Society for Styria tries to bridge both the geographical as well as the cultural gap between the US and Styria by establishing links and contacts between natives and their descendants in both countries, and by acting as an information portal.

ÖAG Information

Pfingstdialog 2017

General theme 2017: Europe.USA.3.0

Seventy years ago, US Secretary of State George C. Marshall initiated a plan for the economic reconstruction of Europe’s destroyed countries. Since then, the political and economic relations between the US and Europe have become closer than ever. Based on this backdrop, the 7th Whitsun Dialogue "Geist & Gegenwart" is dedicated to the theme of "Europe.USA.3.0".

ÖAG Organization

General Meeting 2017


July 4, 5 pm

ÖAG Organizational Matters

Elected Officers 2016-2018

President: Bernhard Kettemann
Deputy President: Christopher Drexler
Secretary: Michael Fuchs
Deputy Secretary: Maria-Theresia Holub
Treasurer: Klaus Lehrhofer
Deputy Treasurer: Michael Phillips
Auditors: Gabriele Pötscher & Alwin Fill