Welcome to the Austro-American-Society!

We are a platform for everyone who is interested in deepening the relations between the United States of America and the Austrian Republic and who shares our common values freedom, diversity and openness. Our primary goal is to strengthen the Austro-American relations in all social, economic, cultural and public aspects of our lives.

For over 70 years, we aim for an intercultural exchange between the two countries and offer valuable networking opportunities together with our members.

We organize numerous events on topics like culture, politics, economics, society, sports, media and many more for our members.

We are a place where tradition and modernity meet and where people come together in a relaxed and friendly environment to share their ideas and opinions.

Further, the Austrian-American society is a meeting point for those interested in the special characteristics of the American lifestyle. This includes representatives of American companies and organizations in Austria as well as people who cherish and live the American way of life.

How to become a member in order to benefit from the exclusive offer of our society, you can read here: single/family membership or company membership.