Austrian-American Society - Our Guiding Principles of Ethics

1) The concern of the Austro-American Society ("ÖAG") is to promote, deepen and develop the relationship between people, organizations and companies in Austria and the United States of America.

2) Integrity, transparency, compliance with and respect for the basic democratic order, respect, independence and the promotion of diversity, inclusion and integration are the prerequisites for daily work and are part of the self-image of the organs and members of the ÖAG.

3) Our association sees itself as a platform to promote relations between the two countries and therefore offers a wide range of events and initiatives in its own club premises. The topics and initiatives are published via a wide variety of channels and published on our website and on social media.

4) With their membership, the members of the ÖAG recognize this ethical code in its current form and are actively committed to its observance, dissemination and further development.

5) In the interests of transparency, the ÖAG communicates all its organs and documents as well as all events in the club premises during the last 12 months on the company's website (

6) The ÖAG is financed mainly from personal, family and company memberships. It is not possible to influence the content and orientation based on membership fees. According to the articles of association, the Executive Board reports annually on the legal and appropriate use of funds.